The benefits of using antidepressants

The benefits of using antidepressants

According to researchers, “Antidepressants are extremely effective and should be prescribed to hundreds of thousands of individuals with mental health issues.”

Depression is real and can be unbearable.  For individuals with this disorder, antidepressants can improve the quality of their life in a great way. Depression affects millions of people across the world annually. However, most people suffering from it might not be aware of the treatment options available for them. Antidepressant drugs can be a crucial part of depression treatment and help individuals overcome real issues they might not be able to control alone.  

How antidepressants work

They work by balancing chemicals in the brain. This helps reduce depression symptoms thus helping their body to function normally. However, just like most drugs, you should only use antidepressants as prescribed.

The benefits of antidepressants

Although there are several different views on how effective antidepressants work, one fact will never change. They are a crucial part when it comes to depression treatment. They are prescribed to reduce depression symptoms. They also help with symptoms such as anxiety and restlessness.  Additionally, these drugs can help with insomnia. When you are depressed, it is hard to sleep. Unfortunately, lack of sleep might make depression worse.  According to Dr. Caputo, antidepressants helps restore concentration abilities and improve sleep quality.

Studies show that your quality of life will improve immensely when you take antidepressants. Users have reported they feel less reactive to tough life events, feeling less suicide and they tend to view life in a balanced way. They are also not easily haunted by traumatic events that happened in the past.

Individuals also show increased energy levels after taking antidepressants. They also help in reducing anxiety, worries and panic attacks.

Possible antidepressant side effects

You might experience certain types of side effects when you start taking antidepressants. They include:

  • Increased suicidal thoughts – they occur in up to 18% of individuals who start taking antidepressants and the chances are higher among individuals under the age of 25. However, this will only last for a few days. If the thoughts are persistent, seek medical help.
  • Physical restlessness where you have trouble sitting still
  • Reduced libido or less-intense orgasms – this can be treated by lowering the dose.
  • Weight gain and drowsiness
  • Insomnia, dizziness, dry mouth, dry mouth, nausea and tremors are likely.

Most of these side effects will go away in less than a week. If they persist, tell your doctor.

Where to buy antidepressants

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I take alcohol while taking antidepressants?

Psychiatrists will always advise depressed individuals to avoid alcohol. Although alcoholic drinks can give you a short-term relief it makes depression worse. If you have to drink, do it moderately. According to studies, most people who commit suicide because of depression show some signs of alcohol use. Call a doctor if you develop suicidal thoughts after taking antidepressants with alcohol.   

  • Are antidepressants addictive?

No, these drugs are not addictive. You will not get high or develop cravings when you take them which reduce a possibility of abuse or addiction.

  • Will antidepressants treat my depression?

Antidepressant drugs play a key role in the treatment of depression. Their aim is to relive symptoms and reduce their chances of returning. However, you will find different opinions with some people doubting their effectiveness and others believe they are effective. It is important to seek the opinion of a professional before your begin treatment.

  • How fast do antidepressants start working?

Most take 1-2 weeks to begin working, but the effects might come sooner. If you still feel the same after a few weeks, talk to your doctor about it. Antidepressants work in a different way and a stronger one might suit you better.

  • How do you feel when taking antidepressants?

Experience differs from one person to another. Watch this video to see how it reacted to these people:

  • How long should you take antidepressants?

It is recommended that patients should go on taking antidepressants for a few months after they heal. Avoid quitting abruptly as it can increase the risk of relapse.

  • What will happen if I quit taking antidepressants abruptly?

Just like most drugs, you develop withdrawal symptoms if you quit taking antidepressants abruptly. Some of the withdrawal symptoms are nausea, dizziness, headache, nausea and fatigue. Some symptoms that you had before began taking antidepressants might occur as well. 

Final thoughts

Depression is a serious disorder that needs medical treatment or therapy. If you are experiencing depression symptoms, it is important to seek medical help. With the help of antidepressants, you can treat the symptoms of depression effectively.         

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