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Buy Benzo Fury  online cheap from our store for its empathogenic effects and research purposes. Benzo Fury which is a synthetic substance of different classes of the drug such as substituted benzofuran substituted amphetamine and substituted phenethylamine and it is one of the most important research chemicals.



What is the Benzo Fury drug?

Benzo fury is the brand name given to drugs such as 6-APB and its compounds. 6-APB is a psychoactive substance as it acts on the central nervous system of the body to produce stimulant effects. It is a compound of the benzofuran, amphetamine and phenethylamine class having found structural similarities with the MDA drug. The drug is known to have a high addiction liability which can become difficult for the users to get over. The drug is a common research chemical having found applications in the field of mass spectrometry, analytical sciences, and forensic sciences. The use of the drug by human beings produces a feeling of high which is why it is also used for recreational purposes. The recreational use is highly criticized as the drug has adverse negative effects. In most parts of the world, it is a scheduled III substance while in some parts it is also legal for production and sale.

The chemical name of benzo fury is “1-(1-Benzofuran-6-yl) propan-2-amine” while the molecular formula of the drug is C11H13NO. The molecular mass of the benzofuran substance has been found to be equal to 175.23 g/mol. The metabolism and the effects of the drugs have been tested in rats while the studies’ findings have been extrapolated for the human being.

The drug should be stored in an environment where it is free of impurities and moisture. The presence of impurities in the drug can cause toxicity in the users. The drug should be kept in a cool atmosphere.

Where can you buy Benzo Fury?

Benzo fury is an important research chemical used for a number of applications in the field of science i.e. forensic science, mass spectrometry, and analytic sciences. The drug is also used by the people for it empathogenic effects while the recreational use of the drug is also common. Benzo fury can be purchased from our online store at extremely reasonable prices as we provide a high quality of the drug to individuals, researchers and drug stores all over the world. Our store is one of the major sources of Benzo fury drug and our clients are spread all over the world. We have found the acclaim and trust of our clients as we provide unique and standard services. Some of the top reasons why you should purchase from us are listed below:

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Uses of Benzo Fury

Benzo Fury drug has positive effects on the users as it causes a feeling of sympathy and empathy in the users. It helps the users during episodes of paranoia and anxiety. It is also a useful scientific research drug having applications in the field of forensic science and mass spectrometry.

How does the drug work?

The drug works by acting on the central nervous system of the body where it binds with the receptors to manipulate the response of the neurotransmitters.

Short and long-term effects of Benzo Fury

Benzo fury is an addictive drug in nature with a lot of short and long-term effects associated with it. In the shorter term, it causes empathogenic effects in the body. It causes severe medical complications and it is not recommended to be used by the pregnant ladies. The long-term use of the drug develops severe dependency of the drug.

The dosage of Benzo this medicament

When it is to be used for medical purposes, the dosage amount should be confirmed by the medical practitioner as the misuse of the drug can lead to fatal consequences for the patients.

Legal status of Benzo Fury

Benzo fury has high addiction liability and special care is required for the use of the drug. It is listed as a controlled drug in most parts of the world.  order benzo fury online, benzo fury review, benzo fury price us and uk

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